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(Ⅰ) Raw material
The raw materials of Littleflower PVC products are provided by well-known domestic or foreign manufacturers with high quality. The raw materials are with features of stable chemical structure and less residual educts. All the raw materials meet the requirements of the products and are of medical grade.
(Ⅱ) Staff
Set up in 1999, the company owns a working staff of 110 employees in which 14 are technicians and 11 of which have college degree or above. The company provides regular training to all employees. After all these years learning and working, our workers have a good command of the knowledge of granulation technology but also calender method. Meanwhile, they have rich experience in manufacturing.
(Ⅲ) Production environment
The company covers an area of 1400 square meters with a tidy and beautiful factory environment.
① The purification workshops for rigid PVC Film are of 100,000 grade.
② The purification workshops for medical grade soft PVC Compounds are of 300,000 grade.
③ The workshops for medical grade DEHP free PVC Compounds are produced by specialized workers in specialized workshops with specialized facilities.
(Ⅳ) Production facility
The company possesses advanced production devices and reasonable process.
① we adopt double-screw extrusion plasticizing molding granulators for the production of medical PVC Compounds.
② the production lines for pharmaceutical PVC Film are planetary screw calender molding extruders.
(Ⅴ) Process control
① The company is improving its management and standardization. With the perfecting quality assurance system under ISO 9001-2008, the company is controlling the entire process of production. All quality records are complete, true, valid and of traceability.
② The production fields have been installed 16 closed-circuit television cameras to monitor the entire process of production.
(Ⅵ) Quality control
The physical & chemical laboratory of Quality Control Department tests the properties of each batch of goods. The data are authoritative. Formal tests are taken by a third-party authority.
① Every day, medical PVC compounds of each batch, each line and each shift are laid out and test so that the samples and data attached to the pre-delivery reports are true and accurate .
② Every day, medical PVC Film for pharmaceutical packaging of each batch, each line and each shift are taken suction foam tests so that the sample pharmaceutical blisters and data attached to the pre-delivery reports are and test are true and accurate
③ DEHP(6P≥0.1%) residue of DEHP free PVC compounds is tested by a third authority. Each batch is tested and no sub-quality products will leave factory.

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